FIQ App Forces you to Quit your Bad Habits 🚬
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Highly Offensive Language

It Offends You Until You Quit
Your Bad Habits

Checkups Daily Like a Mom

Imagine your Mom checking up if you
smoked today ..everyday

No More Sugar Coating.

FIQ App Reminds You Of What's Important

Do you care about your family?

Your Career?

Your Trip To Hawaii Next Year?

  • This App will give you No-Bullshit Reminders about these
  • It'll checkup daily to see if you misbehaved like an idiot again

FIQ App Doesn't Take No for an Answer

If you are saving up money for a family vacation to Bali , then why are you gambling during the weekend?

FIQ App uses simple, offensive, straight-shooter language to wake you up. Like we said before, No Bullshit.